Being a professional athlete, massage is super important to me. From the moment I start my offseason training, until the season is over, I try to get at least one massage a week.

My reasons for getting massages are to ease muscle pain, reduce muscle tension, and to speed up healing of soft tissue injuries.

My first year as a player with the Eskimos, I was looking for a place that could help me. Luckily I found Strength and Balance. From the first time I went, I knew I would continue to go. Every week before I suit up for a game, I make sure I see my massage therapist, Natasha.

In my opinion she’s the best in Edmonton, and would recommend her to anyone!
Marcus H., Former Edmonton Eskimo
An active lifestyle means I need effective, regular massages. I have been to many RMTs and in my experience, few deliver what Natasha does each time I see her. She has an incredible ability to zero in on your trouble spots. After an hour with her, I leave feeling relaxed, loose, taller and ready for more. I couldn’t do what I do without her.
Jennifer F.
The most important part of my training is what I do after I leave the gym or the ice. I’m a huge advocate of regeneration. When I’m performing at my peak I’m spending a minimum of two hours on the massage table a week. Keeping my muscle tone down is key for my power and explosiveness. Continuously flushing my lymphatic system and muscles is paramount. The closer any person can spend a 1:1 ratio of training to regeneration; the chance for injury significantly decreases. Go see your massage therapist and stay ahead of it!
Krys K., Professional Hockey Player
I have been a client at Strength and Balance for many years now. Natasha is a true body healer, not only the owner of this wonderful business, but her strength and knowledge of the entire body creates an amazing detox sensation.

Overall this business has always been able to work with my schedule to make sure I am able to see one of the staff members for any need I may have. I highly recommend this business to anyone seeking a long term relationship with massage therapy.
Highly recommend this place if you are in need of a massage tune up!
Shaun G.
I have been seeing Natasha for years and have nothing but good things to say about her and her clinic. I always leave feeling better! Natasha is good about explaining what she is doing and making her clients comfortable. If you are new to massage or if you are a seasoned veteran, you will enjoy Strength and Balance massage. You can go next store and grab a beverage at Iconoclast when you are finished. The online booking system is so convenient.
Kelsey F.
I had an exhaustive search for a great therapist in Edmonton and was thrilled with this clinic immediately. Natasha is hands down the best therapist I have visited and I quickly became a regular visitor. She tailors every visit to what I'm feeling with ease.
Tom G.